In the heart of the Vipava Valley, under the slopes of the Trnovo Plateau, lies the town of Črniče. The terrain, once only in flysch, was covered time ago in certain points by a landslide of rocks, which came down from the slopes of Mount Čaven, making the surroundings of the village only partially suitable for intensive agricultural use. Is this a limitation? It depends on us: we can always turn natural resources to our advantage, if only we choose the right activities to develop on each single piece of land.

The Cigoj farm has never been limited to one branch only. We follow the ancient wisdom that our parents passed on to us, according to which a farm to be solid needs a bit of everything: a field and a vineyard, stables and a forest, a meadow and a vegetable garden. Most of the food and fodder (corn, barley, clover, pumpkins) we use is produced on our 40-hectare estate. Even the water our pigs drink is spring water from our estate. We strongly believe that a generous amount of clover in the forage and spring water with no added chemicals are crucial for the quality of the meat which, following a long family tradition, we transform into selected cured meat products. The unique climatic conditions, characterized by the bora wind, the rising winds and the proximity of the sea, allow the cured meats to mature in the traditional way, thus adding a touch of natural nobility to the products.

Our specialty are the free-range “mangalica” pigs, an ancient Balkan breed, famous for the quality of their meat, intertwined with healthy strands of fat, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, an exceptional and completely white back lard and, of course, with an extraordinary taste of everything, from the snout to the tail.